Lightweight, Along with a Cozy Structure

3KG – Essential Lightness

The lightweight nature of LoopHouse is a crucial factor for your enjoyable outdoor activities.

Tarp, which is also used with tents, is one of the equipment that can become heavy.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the minimum weight.

While providing optimal comfort and convenience, the weight of LoopHouse, including all components, is just a mere 3kg.



  • Dimension
  • 2-4 people
  • Size : 3750(W) X 3900(L) X 1750(H)
  • Weight : 3Kg
  • Packing size : 50cm(W) X 15cm(L) X 15cm(H)
  • Frame Material
  • Main Pole : Yunan AL7001 11Ø X 2line
  • Sub pole : AL7001 13Ø X 2line
  • V peg : Yunan AL7075 X 10ea
  • String : Nylon 4mm cord X 6pcs
  • Stopper : Groundcover design stopper AL7001 X 6pcs
  • Fabric
  • N 40D ripstop Water repellency Teflon coating
  • Waterprrof PU coating 2,000mm
  • Made in Korea & China